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Week 6 Almost Over

So I’m almost half way through  my allotted 12 weeks of rehab. Things are going well and I  am getting ideas which will help me when I leave hospital

The simulator I use hasn’t been working too well which is frustrating but seems to be improving the past few days

Staff have been thinking of more activities for me to take part in and one is chess because of the numbering system. Never played it so looking forward to that

My sister, niece and their dog came down to visit yesterday and we had a walk along Dun Laoghaire pier which was great


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  1. Jamie

    Well done so far dude. Only caught the post on FB now for some reason. Got your email last night and looking forward to some more time to help out fundraising for you over the next few months. Hope to see you soon and hope the rehab continues well for you buddy.

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