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Leaving Rehab

Today I will talk about my plans for the future. One of my main choices was to choose where I would live after I leave the National Rehabilitation Hospital.

I had to choose between going on a waiting list for a council house and my parent’s house. There were advantages and disadvantages to both

Eventually I decided to back to my parent’s house. This will most likely involve an extension to the house as I require certain dimensions to my rooms.

When I go home I wil require a nurse and a carer at all times. This will mean a lot of recruitment will be required.

Whilst this recruitment is ongoingng and  my parent’s house is being readied , I will be in Sligo University Hospital.

This will be the biggest delay as it’s hard enough to hire nurses in Dublin never mind rural  Sligo

While I am in hospital I will go on various day trips, obviously home but also hopefully to the Showgrounds and also to my old workplace Lionbridge

To do all this I will need special transport, I have already tried out some vans here in the rehab and I will be purchasing very soon.

This will be my first major purchase using the money that was raised last year for me. Once I purchase I will post a photo here.

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